Why Should You Have A Regular Dental Check Up ?

Why Should You Have A Regular Dental Check Up ?


Daily brushing and flossing twice a day are good dental habits, but it doesn’t guarantee you a seamless dental hygiene. The problem with us is that we reach a dentist’s place only when we have a toothache at the least. But there is more to a dental check up than just treatment.

The Significance of a Regular Dental Checkup:

Dental check up is necessary for a range of needs that facilitate dental health.

•    Get it done the right way – Cleaning and polishing:
As already said, your regular dental habits don’t guarantee a flawless dental hygiene. A dentist cleans and polishes your teeth, removes any plaque or tartar, fills in any exposures and ensures health to your dental cavity. Especially if you have braces or have worn braces, a dentist’s cleaning is a must for a prescribed period of time.

•    Prevention is better than cure – Early diagnosis and treatment:
It is not just about getting a dentist’s treatment when a health problem occurs in the dental area but more important that you get to diagnose it before it gets worse. Dentists have the perfect sense of any dental issue like periodontal problem, wisdom tooth issue, tooth decay and so on, from the early signs they give rise to. That way, your dental hygiene is kept in the perfect shape round the year.

•    When the situation demands – Timely treatment:
Problem arises when you are not really aware if the problem even exists. Sometimes a simple gum problem if unattended can lead to severe periodontal problem. A simple toothache might lead to decay and loss ultimately.  In such cases, it is mandatory that the persisting problems be treated the right way in the right time to avoid severe damage.

•    Know your tooth well –Dental Hygiene Education:
After all the examination and treatment, the Dentist advises you on your dental health and suggests any routine dental habits that you have to improve upon. Often, it is the time between the dentist visits that matters the most, as only a strict adherence to the proposed practices will result in a good dental health. Simple brushing, flossing techniques also matter a lot and the dentists advise on the best ways to do them.

•    A holistic check up – Comprehensive Examination:
Sometimes, the dentist performs a total check up called the comprehensive examination where the dentist will:
–    Thoroughly examine your mouth, head and neck
–    Study and analyze your dental history
–    Take necessary X-Rays

This is because; a lot of other health problems like diabetes, heart disease, etc. are associated with your dental cavity too. So the symptoms of any unease in your dental area might be the signs of health issues in other parts of your body at times.  So it is your duty to let your dentist know on any dental issue that you face like gum issue, bad breath, pain waves and so on, for they may indicate a more serious problem laying ahead. In general, a dentist visit is advisable once in every 6 months, though the dentist may advise more frequent visits on specific conditions. Rainbow Dental based out of Sydney is open all days in the week to step in for a friendly dental check up. Pay a visit and take home a healthy smile.


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