Dental Crowns & Bridges Sydney Olympic Park

Dental crowns and bridges are valuable tools in our dentists’ restorative dental treatment arsenal.

Instead of simply extracting a damaged tooth, crowns effectively protect your natural tooth from further harm while giving the look of a brand new, healthy tooth. Bridges are a great way to fill in any gaps caused from missing teeth and regain your full smile.

Crowns and bridges have several benefits when fitted correctly. Firstly, you can chew food and talk effectively again as the tooth shape and strength are restored. Secondly, the natural tooth is fully protected from damage, and thirdly, the crowns and bridges can be made to match your tooth’s natural colour, so your restoration is discreet and aesthetically pleasing. With our expert Sydney Rainbow Dental Practice team, creating a new and healthy smile is what we’re all about.

What are crowns and bridges used for?

There are many reasons why our dentists will recommend a crown or bridge, including:

  • If you have a cracked, chipped or broken tooth, or a worn down tooth from grinding
  • If tooth decay or gum disease have compromised the integrity of a tooth
  • If you have a missing tooth or two that need filling
  • If you’ve had a root canal treatment

Dental Crowns

A dental crown, otherwise known as a tooth cap, is a natural coloured cap that is placed over the entire tooth, right to the gum line. Made from porcelain, the crown is durable and custom made to fit your tooth like a glove.

They are a great solution for those who want to preserve a damaged tooth and avoid tooth extraction. Crowns restore the functionality of a tooth that has suffered from trauma, decay or gum disease and ensure the structural integrity of the tooth is maintained. Crowns are also effective at hiding unsightly teeth with a straight, white and well-shaped cap.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a device that is used to replace missing teeth. By placing crowns on the teeth either side of the missing tooth, a prosthetic (false) tooth can be held in place – creating a bridge. The false tooth is not implanted into the socket – it is simply anchored in place by the surrounding crowned teeth. We can discuss permanent bonding into the socket if required.

Leaving gaps in your teeth is not recommended by our dentists. Your facial features, such as jawbone and cheeks can become saggy due to the missing tooth, the ability to speak and eat properly is compromised, and your other teeth are put under more strain as they take the load of the missing tooth. Bridges are an affordable and fast way to deal with the gaps – and you regain the confidence to smile once more.

Since the bridge’s integrity relies on the strength of the adjoining natural teeth that will be supporting it, our dentists will first assess your overall oral health before proceeding.

Colour matching your crowns and bridges

With today’s modern porcelain crowns and bridges, we are able to create a fitting to match your natural tooth’s colour. Porcelain is effective at mimicking the translucency of enamel too. Not only does this mean that your crown acts just like a normal tooth, it also seamlessly blends into your smile for that perfect finish.

How long does it take to fit a crown or bridge?

At your first appointment we’ll thoroughly assess your teeth and formulate a treatment plan. We’ll then take a mouth impression to get the exact specifications of the teeth needing a crown or bridge. The impression will be sent to our laboratory for construction. During this time, a temporary crown can be fitted to protect your tooth from further damage.

Crowns and bridges can take a few weeks to custom-create. Once they have arrived back in our Practice, your next appointment will be scheduled. The temporary crown will be removed and your new, shiny crown or bridge will be permanently bonded to your tooth.

If you’d like to speak to Sydney’s friendly Rainbow Dental Practice staff about our crown and bridge treatments or book in a consultation, call us on 02 8021 5285.