Customized Mouth Guards Sydney Olympic Park

Dental injury can result in significant pain and prevent you from engaging in strenuous activities, especially sports, as you used to before.

The good news is that you can use a custom made mouth guard to provide superior protection while engaging in contact sports, and other recreational activities. A properly fitted mouth guard can absorb and reduce the impact of blows to the face which may otherwise result in an injury.

A mouth guard covers the teeth and gums, and acts as a splint. They are used not only to prevent injury in contact sports, but also as a treatment for bruxism (grinding teeth while sleeping) or temporomandibular disorders that cause jaw pain.

With a mouth guard, the fit is everything

At Rainbow Dental we recommend that our clients use a custom fit mouth guard. Non-customized mouth guards can cause your teeth to wear down faster and worsen the jaw pain. A properly fitted mouth guard can completely prevent the damage caused by bruxism or contact sports.

During the consultation, we will ensure that your custom-made mouth guard fits comfortably around your teeth and gums. The precise fit makes it possible for you to speak without difficulty. The mouth guard will also not slip and fall out during sports, unless you remove it.

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