Tooth Coloured Fillings Sydney Olympic Park

Getting a dental filling is a great way to restore a tooth that has suffered from tooth decay – however, it shouldn’t spoil your smile with metal fixings.

At Sydney’s Rainbow Dental, we’ve made the move to exclusively use natural tooth-coloured fillings for a safe, effective and seamless filling that will keep your smile white and bright. They can even be used to cosmetically enhance your front teeth as well as being a great choice for restorative dental treatments.

What is a tooth coloured filling?

Otherwise known as white fillings or composite fillings, they are made up of a mix of resin, glass and setting agents. The colours of all these components resemble the natural tooth colour, allowing the filling to blend easily with your teeth.

This type of filling isn’t limited to filling holes in your teeth. We can also use the material for cosmetic purposes, such as reshaping unsightly teeth, filling tooth chips or even whitening up a stained tooth. You can regain full functionality of a tooth without anyone knowing the difference.

Why tooth-coloured fillings are the best choice

Near Invisible

For purely cosmetic reasons, tooth coloured fillings look natural and blend in with your normal smile.


White fillings are strong and durable, therefore they help restore the tooth strength. This has a flow-on effect of evenly spreading the biting load amongst your teeth once more, so your other teeth aren’t taking excess load. The fillings are tough enough to be used in your back teeth too.


Tooth coloured fillings are less sensitive to hot and cold food and drinks, which is a big plus for those with sensitive teeth.


Traditional fillings contain mercury, which apart from being unattractive, will weaken your tooth’s structure long-term.


White fillings require less preparation and removal of the original tooth as they bond to the tooth using an adhesive. This also means the fillings set and harden in your tooth within seconds, and are ready to go.


Should the filling get damaged, they are easier to repair or replace than traditional fillings.

Getting tooth coloured fillings

Step 1:

Our dentist will prepare the tooth, removing the decay as needed.

Step 2:

The composite filling will be added in layers to the tooth, with the composite agents being activated by our UV lights.

Step 3:

Once the hole is filled and hard, the filling is shaped and polished to the desired shape.

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Looking after your tooth coloured filling

In general, fillings last around 5 years. A number of factors, such as where it’s placed in the mouth and your lifestyle habits, will impact on this.

Following a good oral hygiene routine will help maintain its longevity. Since the fillings are naturally coloured and can stain along with your normal teeth, avoiding common staining beverages and food, like coffee, is advised to keep a whiter, brighter smile for longer.

How much do tooth coloured fillings cost?

While white fillings do cost more than their traditional counterparts, we believe the benefits far outweigh the minor price difference.

With no dangerous mercury in your mouth, less sensitivity, fast bonding and of course, a natural looking smile, you’ll be happy you’ve made the choice to have a natural tooth coloured filling. We’ll be able to give you an accurate quote during the consultation.

As one of Sydney’s most reputable dentistry practices, you can be assured of a professional and quality dental filling every time.

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