Restore your Smile with Dental Crowns

Restore your Smile with Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns Sydney

What are Dental Crowns?
Days are gone when you accidentally chip a tooth and have to cover your smile for the lifetime hiding it. Thanks to the advancements in dental health care, today we have options to make you smile big forever. They are called Dental Crowns. When a damaged tooth is in place, Dental crowns are utilized to cover it up neat. Apart from the fact that its genuine function can build up your damaged tooth, Dental crowns can also enrich your physical outlook. You can have the chance to improve the alignment and the shape of your teeth.

When are Dental Crowns used?
Dental crowns are advised by the dentists to be utilized on the following situations:
•    Rebuilding of a fractured teeth
•    Capping the teeth after RCT (Root canal therapy)
•    A supporting protection for a weak set of teeth
•    Plaster of the dental implants
•    Repair of large filling in case of complete absence of a teeth
•    Bridge attachment
•    Cover a discolored tooth
•    Correcting a misaligned/crooked set of teeth

Types of Dental Crowns:
The Dental crowns come in many material bases to choose from, varying in the appearance and strength according t o the purpose.
•    Metal and gold alloys
•    Ceramic
•    Acrylic

In case of front row teeth that need to be covered with Dental crowns, it is advisable to go for Ceramic/Porcelain material base, for it looks exactly like the natural tooth. The color of it can be matched exactly to the rest of the teeth too, as the dentist takes a mould and the color sample. The other alloy/combination materials are absolutely stronger comparing the ceramic crowns, and are used in case of capping the back end teeth that are used for grinding and chewing hard.

Taking Care of Dental Crowns:
Normally, Dental crowns stay good for a long time if maintained properly. However if not taken care of, they might loosen or fall out too. It is important to regularly visit the dentist and keep your dental health in check to ensure long life and durability for the Dental crowns. It is also advisable not to bite hard food substances with the capped teeth to avoid any damage. Proper dental hygiene with routine oral health focused practices will do the needful.

Bring Back your Smile:
Dental crowns hence have multiple uses from protecting your damaged tooth to giving a clean look to your misaligned/crooked tooth too.  So, if you are looking to regain your beautiful smile after a mishap, or you are eager to make your smile more attractive by covering the misalignment flaws, you know by now that there’s nothing to worry but to consult your dentist for utilizing dental crowns. It is safe, easy and durable. At Rainbow Dental in Sydney, we have just the right set of expertise and experience to study your teeth, analyze the problem in place and agonize over solutions that best fit you. After all, a beautiful smile comes along the lifetime.


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