Can you identify these celebrity smiles?

Can you identify these celebrity smiles?

A smile can tell you a lot. But do these smiles tell you who they belong to?

Can you identify the celebrities below just by their smiles?

Scroll down for answers.

1. angelina-jolie

2. halle-berry

3. brad_pitt

4. cameron_diaz



6. Julia-Roberts

7. amanda-bynes

8. eva-mendes

9. scarlett-johansson

10. jack-nicholson



1) Angelina Jolie

2) Halle Berry

3) Brad Pitt

4) Cameron Diaz

5) Mark Wahlberg

6) Julia Roberts

7) Amanda Bynes

8) Eva Mendes

9) Scarlett Johanessen

10) Jack Nicholson

How many did you get right?


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