8 Useful tips on how to prepare for your dental visit

8 Useful tips on how to prepare for your dental visit

Visiting a dentist is not on anybody’s list of favourite things to do. But knowing what to expect during the visit can help you prepare yourself better and make the most of the visit. Hopefully, the dentist will tell you that you been taking great care of your teeth and ask you to come after six months. Or you may need a dental treatment to take care of any problems that the checkup uncovers. Regardless of whether the appointment is for a routine checkup or for something more advanced like a root canal procedure, there are a few things that you must do before the visit.

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  1. Confirm the appointment with the dentist’s office

You may have already made the appointment a couple of weeks earlier, but it is a good idea to confirm it again 24 hours in advance in order to prevent miscommunications. Some dental offices will do this for you, but if you do not hear from them make the call yourself.

  1. Transfer old dental records to the new clinic

If you’re visiting a new dentist for the first time, get in touch with your old dental clinic and arrange to have your previous dental records sent to the new clinic.

  1. Prepare all your information

Your dentist will need detailed information about your previous medical and dental history. Make a list of all the medications that you’re taking and be prepared to provide information about your dental insurance and preferred form of payment.

  1. Brush and floss

Clean your teeth before you arrive at the dentist’s office. This will make it easier for the dentist to examine you.

  1. Arrive well on time

The checkup is not going to start moment you arrive at the office. Get there early so you have enough time to complete the required forms, and to relax and calm your nerves before the actual appointment.

  1. Discuss the problem in depth

The better the quality of information that your dentist receives, the easier it is to arrive at the right treatment. Hopefully, you have made enough notes about the problems that have been experiencing such as when the pain started, the level of pain that you feel, and other issues such as swollen or bleeding gums. Be completely honest about your medical and dental history and answer all the questions of the dentist truthfully.

  1. Be upfront about your anxieties

Be advised that there are a lot of methods that are available to reduce your anxieties. Be upfront to the dentist about your anxieties and fears about the treatment.

  1. Schedule appropriate treatments and follow-ups

Dental procedures often take much longer than dental exams, so you may need to come infor a later visit if a procedure needs to be performed. Check with your dentist how long the procedure would take and what to expect after. Schedule the dental appointment at your convenience and also check about the post procedure guidelines to follow. You have anything else to add to this list? Share with us how you prepare for your dental visit in the comments below.


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