Top Tips to Maintain Your Pearly Whites this Christmas

Top Tips to Maintain Your Pearly Whites this Christmas

Everyone is excited for the Christmas festivities and possibly preparing to enjoy the string of parties which will ensue.

chr3 Aren’t you looking forward to the mince pies, cakes, wine, chocolates and a host of other goodies? Christmas is a truly enjoyable time of the year, but it may not be the friendliest for your teeth.

Constant intake of sugary and starchy food along with fizzy drinks and alcohol can wreak havoc in your mouth and lead to terrible teeth. To help you deal with tooth ache and other dental issues, here are a few tips on what to eat this Christmas season and how to deal with emergency situations.

Eat Teeth Friendly Food

Cheese is an important component of every Christmas feast. While it may be harmful for your diet, you should know that it is good for your oral health because it is rich in Calcium that promotes healthy teeth and also helps to maintain the pH balance in your mouth. This means that when you indulge in all that wine that has acidic effect on your teeth, the cheese balances it out and helps kill the bacteria.

Christmas feast is always accompanied with a lot of vegetables, make the most of it and indulge in huge portions of it. Broccoli and carrots are particularly good for oral health since they contain Vitamin A that helps strengthen the tooth enamel.

Another Christmas food that everyone looks forward to, and is good for the teeth, is turkey. Yes, the humble turkey is packed with proteins and phosphorous. This combines with Vitamin D and Calcium to form strong bones and teeth. By indulging in high amount of proteins you will be able to reduce tooth decay and you will also be able to make your teeth strong and clean.

Avoid these Foods

While it is difficult to avoid all those tasty treats of a Christmas feast, you will have to pull the plug on a few things that are truly harmful for your teeth. Christmas pudding, an integral part of the feast can be quite harmful for the teeth. It contains dried fruits which are high in sugar, and can stick to the teeth.

Fizzy drinks are usually had at every Christmas meal, but why not switch to soda water? Colas are laden with sugar which causes the enamel to erode.

Stick to the Routine

Most people tend to ditch their oral health routine in favor of parties and feasts. Don’t! In fact, you need to be more diligent about your brushing and flossing during this time. All the chocolates, drinks, wine and other sugary foods contribute to rapid tooth decay and eroding of the tooth enamel. Therefore, make sure that you brush and floss twice a day, especially during the Christmas week.

Eat everything in moderation and follow your routine as it is the best way to whiten teeth during the festive season.


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