Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule – FAQ’s

Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule – FAQ’s

1. How do you know if my child(ren) are eligible for CDBS?
A child’s eligibility for CDBS is assessed at the beginning of each year and lasts the whole calendar year. A child will be eligible if they are aged 2-17 years and are either part of a family receiving Family Tax Benefit – Part A or receive certain Australian Government Payments.

2. When is eligibility determined ?
Eligibility is determined each calendar year.

3. How will I be notified?
Families or teenagers will be notified of eligibility by letter, starting in early 2014.

4. What entitlements will my child receive under CDBS?
Eligible children & teenagers will have access to benefits for basic dental services capped at $1000 over two calendar years.Basic dental services include check-ups, x-ray, fillings, root canal & extractions.Other dental services such as orthodontics & cosmetic procedures are not covered.

5.If I don’t use all the $1000 in first year of eligibility, can I access it in the second year?
If you are found eligible for the second year, then you will be able to utilise any remaining balance.

6. How often can I access CDBS services? (or Is my child entitled to multiple services in a calendar year)
You can access CDBS as many times as necessary throughout the calendar year (up to $1000). However, some services have restrictions on how many times or when they can be provided. Your dentist will be able to advise you on the services required for your treatment.


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