When You Need A Root Canal… Call Rainbow Dental!

When You Need A Root Canal… Call Rainbow Dental!

There’s nothing quite as painful or frustrating as a persistent tooth ache that rears its head when you least expect it. A common cause of this pain is nerve tissue, or pulp, damage. Unfortunately, trauma such as tooth decay, gum disease and cracked teeth can result in the pulp inside the tooth becoming infected, abscessed and extremely painful. Luckily, Rainbow Dental Practice, can save the tooth via a root canal.

Do I need a Root Canal?

Symptoms that indicate you may need a root canal include:

  • Intense pain or throbbing in a tooth
  • Swollen face or gum area
  • Sensitivity and pain when consuming hot or cold food and drink
  • Discomfort when applying pressure, like biting, on the tooth

If you have any of these symptoms, it might be time for a consultation with our Dentistry Team. Our dentists will formulate an appropriate treatment plan and explain our Root Canal Treatment costs.

What is a Root Canal?

You may feel daunted at the thought of getting a Root canal, but rest assured it is a straight forward and very effective treatment. In the past, infected and abscessed teeth had to be extracted and you’d need an expensive implant to fill the space – or live with a gappy smile! A root canal allows you to save your natural teeth, eliminate the pain and save money in the long run.

Rainbow Dental’s experienced dentists will removal the damaged pulp, clean and sterilize the cavity and fill it with gutta-percha. Finally, a cement seal will be applied. In some cases a rod may need to be inserted for structural support of the canal. After your treatment, although there may be a brief period of discomfit when biting on the tooth, you’ll soon be up and running again – and pain free!

Root Canal Newington

Do I Need A Dental Crown After Root Canal Treatment

To ensure you maintain a winning smile, it is important to place a Crown over the tooth that has had the root canal. This ensures your teeth have a natural appearance, helps them last a lifetime, and avoids the teeth becoming brittle and fracturing. Check out this infographic on Root Canal Aftercare.

Don’t put off your much-needed root canal treatment – let our Expert Team save your tooth while there’s still time. With appointments available 7 days a week, affordable root treatments and the highest quality staff, call Rainbow Dental today on 02 8021 5285.


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