Why Dental X-Rays Are Required?

Why Dental X-Rays Are Required?

dental x-rays

The Dental radiography is an important part of your dental care. It is the tool by which dentists can identify various dental issues through X-ray imaging.

The X-Rays provide the dentists and the patients with valuable information such as small cavities that are not visible to the naked eye and as a positive consequence significantly decreasing the cost and annoyance of fixing the problem. Also, the dentists can use X-rays to diagnose common problems such as decay, gum disease, root problems, abscesses, abnormal growths and different types of infection and even more serious issues related to the bones, such as cancerous tumours or cysts.

Some patients are understandably concerned about this kind of radiation. The good news is that the level of radiation emitted during dental X-rays is so low as to be considered negligible. Depending on where you live and what you do throughout your day, you may get more radiation through daily life than you do through a single mouth X-ray. However, cells can be damaged by many small doses that add up over time. That’s why experts say that X-rays should be used with caution and only when necessary.

Their frequency depends on the individual’s dental health, signs of dental problems, age, and risk for oral disease. In most cases, a new patient will require a full set of mouth X-rays so that the dentist can evaluate their oral health status and for future comparisons. Follow-up or existing patients may require X-rays to monitor their gum condition or chances of tooth decay.

In children, radiographs allow the dentist to see how their teeth and jawbones are developing.

If you are seeing a new dentist, make sure to provide him/her with copies of your existing X-Rays to avoid duplicating them. This also will help limit your exposure to radiation.

If you are pregnant, tell your dentist. During your pregnancy, you may need to have radiographs taken as part of your treatment plan for a dental disease that requires immediate attention. Use of the leaded apron and collar will protect you and your foetus from radiation exposure.

Often people are asking why X-rays cost so much. The X-ray machines are expensive. These are sophisticated and technologically advanced machines. Also, the software and computers to digitally process the x-rays have a relatively high cost.

To learn more about the benefits and safety of dental radiographs, talk with your dentist.

With early detection using dental X-Rays, you can get the treatment you need before problems have a chance to develop. They can save you from the pain, time and expense of treating them after they are getting worse.


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