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Bleeding Gums: What Does It Mean?

Do your gums bleed when you brush? The sight of your gums bleeding can be pretty overwhelming – not to mention, alarming. There are several possible causes of bleeding gums, from changing your oral care routine to a side effect of pregnancy. However, it could also be gum disease. Plaque might be starting to build […]

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Bulk Bill Your Child’s Dental Today!

Often children’s teeth and overall oral health can be neglected due to their age and presence of baby teeth. Yes, their baby teeth will fall out eventually, but they still need care and attention in the meantime. Healthy baby teeth will encourage health adult teeth. Also, teenagers whose adult teeth have already erupted require regular […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Dental Crowns

There is a simple and effective solution to restore cracked and decayed teeth – Dental Crowns. They are a great option for those wanting to preserve their natural teeth, improve alignment and create that winning smile. If you’ve broken or Chipped a tooth, have extensive cavities or even grind your teeth, a dental crown is […]

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Interest Free Invisalign for a Winning Smile!

Have you heard about the revolutionary treatment near Wentworth Point that will make your Teeth Straight without the use of unsightly and bulky traditional metal braces? At Rainbow Dental, we know all about it! It’s called Invisalign and it will change your life. You’ll feel comfortable and confident with your smile even while wearing the […]

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Christmas Holidays Trading Hours

Thank you for placing your trust in our practice; Wishing you health and happiness during this beautiful holiday season and for the coming year. Christmas & Holiday Period Trading Hours: 23rd December:  8 AM to 2 PM 24th December:   Closed 25th December:   Closed 26th December:   Closed 27th December:   8 AM to 6 PM 28th December:  […]

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