Dental Cavities and Smart Home Remedies

Dental Cavities and Smart Home Remedies

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Have you ever had a toothache and when you checked it out in the mirror, there seemed shallow cavities starting to appear? Well they are the signs of dental cavities that result as a consequence of tooth decay. It might seem very mild in the initial times but it is very important that you find it out at the initial stages and get it corrected.

It usually starts with a toothache and you can also notice indents in your teeth. The best way to figure it out is to have your Dentist take an X-ray for it clearly shows out the cavity affected areas.

Causes &effects of Cavities:
When we eat, our food particles get settled in gaps between teeth and have to be promptly removed by regular brushing and flossing. But when left untreated, they stayback,with the help of bacteria it becomes plaque that gets settled with the tooth. It then becomes tartar and starts eroding the tooth slowly. Tartar in its later stage is hard to remove by regular brushing. High-carb foods, sugar substances and starch are easily susceptible to be turned into acids that cause cavities. It usually starts with eroding the outer layer, and then it gets deep into the inner layer. What may start as superficial cavities, and gets serious then it may damage the pulp and causes tooth fracture or tooth abscess at a point.

Smart home remedies to treat dental cavities:
1. Clove
Add two to three diluted drops of clove oil to teaspoon of sesame seed oil, sink a cotton ball in this solution and place it in the affected tooth. With all its antibacterial, analgesic and anti-bacterial properties, clove can help alleviate toothache and prevent the infection from spreading to the adjacent areas.

2. Salt
Add one teaspoon of salt in glass of warm water and swish a mouthful of this solution for a minute, concentrating on the affected tooth. The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of salt make it of great use to fight cavities. It can ease inflammation, reduce pain, wither out any infection and prevent bacterial growth in the mouth.

3. Oil Pulling
An age-old practice, Oil pulling is an instant solution to a lot of dental problems. All it takes is a teaspoon of sesame oil that you can rinse around in your mouth for a minute and spit out. It helps preventing bleeding gums and cavity problems. Add little salt to be more effective.

4. Garlic
Add three or four crushed garlic cloves to a teaspoon of rock salt. Apply the paste on the infected tooth. With its rich antibacterial and antibiotic properties, garlic is great for fighting against tooth decay and cavities. It also aids in gum related problems. Eating raw garlic is also an easy option to try with.

5. Turmeric
Add half teaspoon of turmeric powder to a spoon of mustard oil. Massage your teeth and gums with the paste. With a rich history of usage in Ayurveda medicines, turmeric is good to treat cavities. It’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties aid a lot in maintaining the health of gums.

These home remedies stay handy to prevent the cavities or treat them in the early stages. But in case of toothache resulting from cavities, it is advisable to contact your dentist right away. Rainbow Dental Practice based in Sydney is open seven days a week, Contact us on 02 8021 5285 for any dental emergency resulting from tooth decay or cavity.


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