Our Technology

Dentistry is a fast-moving industry, and we are as passionate about keeping up-to-date with innovative technology and practices to ensure you are given the most effective dental care.

At Rainbow Dental our modern technologies include:

  • In-house Radiology centre – OPG
  • Digital X-ray
  • Intra-Oral Cameras

These technological advancements help us provide accurate results which may be more convenient to you. Investing in equipment and technology is investing in a healthier smile for you.

We are in partnership with well-known dental laboratories with fast turn-over to ensure you can have your teeth repaired promptly.

Our Advanced Sterilisation Centre

We comply with the latest infection control standards at our practice.

The Rainbow Dental Team are highly trained and adhere to a strict hygiene and safety legislation, which exceed Australian standards.

It is our duty of care all our staff members undertake ongoing safety training, medical emergency procedures and follow regulations meticulously. Your safety is our highest priority.

We use the latest sterilisation autoclaves and all instruments are bagged and tracked.

All medical instruments are heat sterilised in the latest state-of-the-art autoclave high-pressure steam sterilisation units. Disposable instruments are used when possible and disposed of in special medical waste containers.

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