Wisdom Tooth Extraction

wisdom tooth extraction sydney
wisdom tooth extraction sydney

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth, otherwise known as your third molars, are located right at the back of your jaw – you have four in total. Since they are usually the very last teeth to erupt, which can happen as late as your 20s, the term ‘wisdom teeth’ was adopted to highlight that you’ve reached maturity. However, wisdom teeth are a common cause of pain for many people and unfortunately, trying to ignore that pain won’t help. Once a wisdom tooth has impacted (has no room to erupt normally) the only long term solution is extraction.

Early Detection is Key

During you regular checkups, our dentists will occasionally perform x-rays to keep an eye on wisdom teeth eruption. Hopefully there is no issue, but occasionally we’ll be able to predict if a wisdom tooth is growing at an angle or will become impacted due to lack of available space. Early detection is vital to avoid pain and other complications down the track.

Extracting wisdom teeth from younger people is generally easier as the tooth is softer and roots not as deeply formed. Associated procedural risks, such as nerve or bone damage, are also reduced. However, whenever the time comes for wisdom teeth extraction, you can rest assured that the team at Rainbow Dental are experienced and dedicated to give each patient the best care possible.

Reasons for wisdom tooth removal

Pain – The most common complaint is that a wisdom tooth is causing pain as it pushes through and into another tooth.
Infections – If a wisdom tooth gets infected, a patient may experience swelling, pain, an abscess, jaw stiffness and difficulty swallowing. Once the infection has been treated, the wisdom tooth will be removed.
Ulcer – If a wisdom tooth erupts and begins to rub against your cheek it can cause painful ulcers.
Crowding – Sometimes there is not enough room to accommodate the new tooth and your other teeth began to push into each other and become misaligned.
Cyst – A cyst, or sack of fluid, can form around a wisdom tooth that hasn’t yet erupted. This can cause bone and gum degradation as well as damage neighbouring teeth.

The Extraction Procedure

Firstly, ensure you have a family member or friend to drive you home post procedure. To ensure patient comfort, the procedure will be performed under anesthetic. We will discuss the level of sedation you’d prefer, and full sedation options available.  Our experienced dentist will then remove the impacted wisdom tooth from the socket as quickly as practicable. If an incision is required to gain access to the tooth, we may use sutures to close the wound.

Post Removal

  1. As you will be feeling drowsy or disorientated, have a family member or friend drive you home.
  2. Take any prescribed medications as per our dentists’ instructions.
  3. Use an icepack to reduce any swelling.
  4. Some bleeding and pain is common for the first few days. If symptoms persist, call us immediately.
  5. Stick to soft foods such as soups, yoghurt and ice-cream, and drink fluids for at least the first 2 days post-operation. Smoking is not advised as it can disrupt healing.
  6. Avoid touching the operation site with your tongue or toothbrush and avoid using straws.
  7. Gentle rinsing with salt water is advised after 24 hours, but avoid any vigorous rinsing or spitting.

At Rainbow Dental, we are fortunate to have an on-site wisdom tooth extraction expert, Dr Claudia Cespedes. You can rest assured that an experienced and understanding specialist is available to discuss and perform your procedure, and offer excellent post-surgery care too. Don’t put up with wisdom tooth pain anymore! Call Sydney’s friendly and affordable dental practice today on 02 8021 5285.

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