Tooth Colored Fillings

tooth colored filling sydney
tooth colored filling sydney

Tooth Colored Fillings Sydney

Tooth colored fillings, or white fillings, are dental fillings that closely resemble the natural color and structure of tooth. The fillings are used to restore teeth that have been damaged due to decay or injury, and also to cosmetically change the shape, color, and size of the teeth. Tooth colored fillings are so natural looking that they can be used to repair even the front teeth.

Tooth colored restorations at Rainbow Dental

Earlier, dentists used mercury amalgams to fill teeth. Not only are these fillings unsightly, but they also ultimately weaken the structure of the tooth. At Rainbow Dental, we use only tooth colored fillings or composite resins to restore teeth. These restorations are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also add strength to weakened teeth.

Why use tooth colored fillings?

Tooth colored fillings have several distinct advantages.

  • They closely match the natural color and appearance of tooth, and are virtually
    indistinguishable from the surrounding teeth.
  • The fillings restore up to 85 to 95% of the original tooth strength.
  • Tooth colored fillings bond to the tooth structure chemically, thus avoiding the need
    to abrade or modify the existing tooth surface to stick them on.
  • You can use these fillings to modify even the front teeth without any compromises
    on aesthetics.
  • Tooth colored fillings harden within a matter of seconds, so you can walk out of the
    office with completely repaired teeth.
  • If the fillings get damaged, they can be easily repaired.
  • Sensitivity of the tooth, if any, is very minimal.

Composite resins are more expensive than the traditional amalgam fillings, but they offer better results. In an image obsessed society that places a premium on appearance, it only makes sense to opt for tooth colored fillings that make it impossible for others to know that you had work done on your teeth.

To place the filling, the dentist will first prepare the tooth. The composite is then placed in layers, and a special light is used to harden each layer. When the process is complete, the dentist will manually shape and polish the composite to suit the tooth.

If you want to treat your damaged or decayed tooth, or enhance its cosmetic appearance, talk to us about whether tooth colored fillings is right for you.

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