Invisalign Sydney

invisalign Sydney
invisalign Sydney

Invisible Braces by Invisalign

Have you always dreamed of a stunning straight smile but are put off by the thought of metal braces? Sure, children wear metal braces all of the time, but as adults it’s a daunting prospect. Luckily, advances in teeth alignment through orthodontic treatments have come a long way. Introducing Invisalign. Invisible braces that will revolutionise your smile while maintaining a discreet presence in your day.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a series of aligners, or clear plastic trays, that slowly move your teeth into correct position. Every fortnight you’ll change a new set of trays to continue the realignment process until perfectly straight teeth are achieved. Invisalign aligners are removable, however, in order to achieve fast results, it is recommended they are worn continuously and only removed to eat and drink. The trays are comfortable and barely noticeable, making them a superior and very popular choice. Invisalign is proven to be just as effective as braces.

Invisible Braces Sydney

Getting invisible braces

  1. An initial consultation to determine suitability and a treatment plan.
  2. A 3D image of your teeth will be taken and used to create your custom made aligners.
  3. You’ll then pick up your aligners and be shown how to use and care for them.
  4. Every 2 weeks you will move up to the next aligner tray, with progress checks along the way.
  5. Treatment times vary person to person. On average Invisalign treatments take 7 or more months, depending on the level of misalignment.
  6. You’ll take a few days to get used to wearing the aligners – that’s normal. After the initial adjustment period you’ll be back to normal and getting on with life knowing your smile just keeps getting better.

The Benefits of Invisalign

The problem with misaligned teeth, or malocclusion, is not just an unappealing smile. Caring for crooked and crowded teeth is more difficult and can increase your level of tooth decay and gum disease. There are many reasons Invisalign are a great choice:

Aesthetics: Not many people feel confident walking around with metal braces. The major benefit with Invisalign is its near invisibility. People won’t notice you’re undergoing an orthodontic treatment!

Removable: Gone are the days of picking food out of metal wired braces! The clear plastic aligners can be removed when eating and drinking.

Oral Hygiene: You can clean your teeth easily as the trays are removable, allowing greater access to all parts of your mouth.

Comfort: Traditional braces can cause discomfort and take more time to adapt to the feeling of metal in your mouth. Invisalign is less invasive and far more comfortable.

Minimal Dental Visits: Since your aligners are already made, you’ll just need to pop in for the occasional checkup. Less in-chair adjustments needed with Invisalign!

All this and more make Invisalign a great way to gain that perfect smile you’ve always wanted without impacting your life. Make sure you visit our Specials page to view our current Invisalign offers. Sydney’s Rainbow Dental Invisalign experts are pleased to offer a free consultation for all interested clients. Call us on 02 8021 5285 and let Invisalign transform your smile today!

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